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Introducing 222 Productions: Your Gateway to Hawaii's Fashion & Music Fusion!

At 222 Productions, we are proud to present the Emmy-nominated Hawaii Fashion Showcase, a mesmerizing extravaganza that blends the vibrant worlds of fashion and music against the stunning backdrop of Hawaii's natural beauty. 

Dive into the heart of Hawaii's fashion scene with Nature's Runway, a captivating production curated by 222 Productions. Our showcase spotlights the hottest fashion designers alongside local musical talent, creating an unforgettable synergy that brings fashion to life like never before. Set against breathtaking locations, Nature's Runway transforms picturesque landscapes into dynamic catwalks where models and musicians unite to celebrate creativity and culture. 

More than just a fashion show, Hawaii Fashion Showcase is a testment to our commitment to uplifting local talent and sharing their compelling stories with the world. With support from the Merrie Monarch Festival and Hawaii County and many other esteemed partners, we embark on a mission to promote the greater good for Hawaii.

Join us as we celebrate the essence of Hawaii through fashion, music, and community. Experience the magic of Nature's Runway with 222 Productions, where every step is a testament to the beauty and diversity of our beloved islands.

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